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Ceremony Live Feed

For those of you who will not be able to make it to our ceremony, but really wish that you could have ... the power of the Internet will be brining the ceremony to a computer near you.

The feed will begin at 5:00 PM with a prelude brought to you by:


Nancy James (Vocal Soloist)

Mark Tanner (Piano / Organ)

Sujean Kim (Violin)

Mimi Sinclair (Violin)

Louis Proske (Viola)

Christina Coletta (Cello)

Jeffrey Shaffer (Trumpet)


The ceremony will begin at 5:30, featuring:


Father Daniel Anderson (Officiant)


Michael and Carol Birchak (Parents of the Bride)

Alvin and Karen King (Parents of the Groom)

Curtis Rapp (Grandfather of the Bride)

Joseph and Mary Birchak (Grandparents of the Bride)

Mary Woodruff (Grandmother of the Groom)


Marta Dalton and Isaac Dekine (Friends of the Bride)

Audra Mickles and Douglas McDermitt (Friends of the Groom)

Heather Holifield (Friend of the Bride) and Andrew Bentley (Friend of the Groom)

Kristen Furdyna (Friend of the Bride) and Nicholas Stevenson (Friend of the Groom)


Maid of Honor Meghan Myers (Friend of the Bride)

Best Man Christopher Mickles (Friend of the Groom)


Ushers Joseph Birchak, John Birchak and James Birchak (Brothers of the Bride)

Readers Mary Boldman and Linda Hostetler (Aunts of the Groom)

Readers Susan Booth and Ronald Birchak (Aunt and Uncle of the Bride)


Though we wish you could be there with us we hope this will help those who were unable to attend to share in our special day. The recording will also be available for a while after the ceremony, so even if you can't watch us live you will still get the chance to listen to the wonderful music and watch the beautiful ceremony when you're able. We hope you enjoy!

View Michelle and Alex's Wedding Live: http://saintfrancisdesalesparish.org/video/

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